Israel, China and the FTA also to next year

0 years, whether the Syria issue move to solve Israel, China and even the middle landscape in the United States completely changed the FTA Middle East also to next year In the US the middle of the supremacy battle is intensifying, it became a prospect that Israel is the greatest ally of the United States of the Middle East is to conclude a free trade agreement (FTA) between China in 00 years. Officials said on Thursday. If realized, the China is one step to expand its influence in Europe, the Middle East. While in the Syrian troops withdrawal presence of the United States fades, also likely to change landscape in the United States in the Middle East. Exports to the United States will decrease year by year China and Israel of FTA negotiations has continued from year, the most recent of negotiations took place before Yakukatsuki. Move towards FTA conclusion of the two countries, it has highlighted the honeymoon relations between the two countries. According to the summary of Bloomberg, although the United States is still higher than China in total trade with Israel, since its exports to the United States from Israel a year, year by year decrease.