MSDF Middle East dispatched near the Cabinet decision

0 years, whether the Syria issue move to solve MSDF Middle East dispatched near the Cabinet decision [Parliament closing in ... funny] [nominal research is sophistry] The government in trying to close the Cabinet decision towards the Middle East dispatch of Maritime Self-Defense Force, a press conference by the protests and legal 'Organizations of civil society groups to oppose the dispatch is nineteen days, was held in Tokyo. Citizens criticized the [funny to determine the Cabinet in Parliament closing]. In the Cabinet draft decision, dispatch troops gather information necessary to ensure safety of navigation of ships, corresponding to issued the maritime security action in the case of unforeseen circumstances has occurred. Strive for rapid decision-making] and clearly. The one ship escort newly dispatched, trying to take advantage of the current PC patrol aircraft in activities based in eastern Africa Djibouti. In Tokyo, Nagata-cho of the House of Representatives the second lawmakers Hall the street in front of, civil society organizations protested.