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0 years, whether the Syria issue move to solve The miracle today 0 years ago, occurred in the European front in the first World War. According to the letter, which became a place where by the testimony of the soldiers know that people around the world British officer there, which is a [Christmas truce] is addressed to the mother, the morning 0:00, he had been hiding in the dugout [dugout] Looking out, he crawled German soldiers one after another from the trenches of the enemy, approaching without having even gun. Both countries of soldiers to celebrate without distinguishing between friend and foe Christmas I walked up shaking hands with each other, burial jointly the bodies of war dead who had been left around. Together or take a picture, with or Kyoji in football, I do not want to really like killing each other that were biting the fleeting peace -. Soldiers think is probably a miracle was born become one. War then be followed, but also of life were deprived of million people, the events of this day is handed down even now that has passed through the century, it continues to question the people of the sinfulness of war and the significance of the peace [Olympic truce] also, it should have been put similar thoughts.