Fate of [rowdy Saudi] and [barely Iran]

0 years, whether the Syria issue move to solve Fate of [rowdy Saudi] and [barely Iran] 00 years, or the situation in the Middle East of the large rough is what happens In Iran a growing number of protest demonstrations by the people. Middle East of 00 years, the United States and tensions with Iran to strengthen the economic and military pressure, conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, likely conflict is a continuation of the Kurds living in Turkey and Syria facing the minority ethnic Kurds. In addition, 00 years people are pro-democracy movement all at once to the revolt against economic mismanagement and injustice in the Middle East [Arab Spring] is, 0-year milestone since the start in Tunisia in North Africa. Such as in Iran, the people there is a possibility that the maximum of the unstable element for the system. Also dissatisfaction with the Islamic regime itself The anti-government demonstrations that were linked to the world continues on the also the Middle East around 0 years, Iraq and Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, has been intensified in Algeria, more stronger prospects cooperation of citizens through the SNS towards the 00 years.