Relations between Japan and the Middle East

0 years, whether the Syria issue move to solve Relations between Japan and the Middle East (the situation in the Middle East and Japan's response) () Lebanon Japan, began in Lebanon invasion of the Israeli army in the month, with a view to to further the resolution of not only threatens the stability of the region violate the territorial sovereignty of Lebanon Middle East peace process complexity, immediately after the start of the invasion, quickly the United Nations It announced the Miyazawa Foreign Minister temporary agency discourse (see Appendices) as well as propose a cease-fire proposal alone in the security Council, calling for an immediate cease-fire, and, condemned the Israeli action. Also while maintaining a close contact with the parties involved, it lobbied to prevent the conflict expanded to these parties. In addition, Japan has over the month and month of the times, were carried out emergency assistance of a total of 000,000 US dollars to the Lebanese victims, including the Palestinians. () Middle East peace process Japan is for the parties concerned, has continued to persuade them to achieve peace achieved from a realistic point of view at every opportunity.